Roses for English Gardens  


The Rosarian is happy to present Gertrude Jekyll's classic, Roses for English Gardens. Written with Edward Mawley and originally published in 1902, this work has been enjoyed by generations of gardeners. We have included some of the photographs used to illustrate the book, but others are of too poor a quality to reproduce well and have been left out.

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  Part I

Old and New Garden Roses and their
Beautiful Use in Gardens

 o Chapter I
      New Garden Roses

 o Chapter II
      Old Garden Roses

 o Chapter III
      The Brier Roses

 o Chapter IV
      Pompon Roses

 o Chapter V
      Some of the Species as Garden Roses

 o Chapter VI
      Roses on their Own Roots

 o Chapter VII
      Rose Pillars

 o Chapter VIII
      The Pergola

 o Chapter IX
      Rose Arches and Arbours

 o Chapter X
      Rose Screens, Hedges, and Trellises

 o Chapter XI
      Roses as Fountains and Growing Free

 o Chapter XII
      Roses on Walls and Houses

 o Chapter XIII
      Roses for Converting Ugliness to Beauty

 o Chapter XIV
      Rose Gardens

 o Chapter XV
      Roses as Cut Flowers

 o Chapter XVI
      Roses in English Gardens on the Riviera


...More Coming Soon!
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